About Us

Name of the Organization : Rahmantunnessa Shikkha Unnayan Foundation (RSUF)
Contact Person :
  1. Md. Jahidul Islam
    Founder and Chairman
    Phone. +88 01708515958
    E-mail. rsufbd@gmail.com
    Website. www.rsufbd.com
  2. Md. Sohidul Islam
    Phone +88 01711231830
    E-mail. rsufbd@gmail.com
    Website. www.rsufbd.com
Established date : January 10, 2002

Executive Committee

Md. Jahidul Islam

Founder and Chairman

Sheakh Motiur Rahman


Md. Foysal Ahmed Rezvi


Rokeya Razzak

General Secretary

Md. Abdullah Ibrahim

Executive Member

Md. Robiul Karim

Executive Member

Rokshana Parvin

Executive Member

Kholilur Rahaman

Executive Member

Abu Tareq Shake

Executive Member

Our Visitors

Name: Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) other departmental Officers from Kalukhali Upazila

Country: Bangladesh

Date: 09-11-2020

Name: District Education Officer and his team

Country: Bangladesh

Date: 16-10-2019

Name: Kalukhali Upazila Social Welfare Officer

Country: Bangladesh

Date: 09-09-2019

Name: Donor Representative of Swiss agency for development and corporation (SDC)

Country: Bangladesh

Date: 25-01-2020

Name: Swiss Donor and Volunteers

Country: Switzerland

Date: 23-02-2020

Name: Jacob (Chairman Shanti) and Johannes (Volunteer(

Country: Switzerland

Date: 21-04-2021

Name: Otowin Marzini (Chairman Setu Germany ) and Stefan (Engineer)

Country: Germany and Switzerland

Date: 23-04-2019

Name: Jacob Schub (Chairman Shanti Switzerland) and Simon (Volunteer)

Country: Switzerland

Date: 15-08-2019

Our Volunteers

Name: Mr. Stefan Kaiser

Country: Switzerland

Expertise: Electrical Engineer, Job Completed: Panel Board wiring for RESI Electrical and Solar System and Electrical Installation designing work for RESI Building Construction

Duration: 17/04/2018 to 30/04/2019

Name: Mr. Simon Aeschlimann

Country: Switzerland

Expertise: Electrical Engineer Job Completed: 3 Phase Inverter check by 3 phase motor, H40:HH40:H55 Sonoff Automotion system with lamp Lamp control by Google voice, Sonoff RF Bridge By smart phone lamp on off. Store Management system test by relay board, Sensor circuit repair,Learn about Electrical equipment Solar Hydraulic Contraction Kit Instruction, Current Tester Circuit Test, Inverter & Digital multi meter circuit check.

Duration: 02/08/2019 to 21/09/20419

Name: Mr.Tobaes

Country: Switzerland

Expertise: Electrical Engineer Job: (Panel switch,Relay ,Timer,lamp and etc.) Panel board controlling wiring & board ready. Took class about sketch , schematic diagram.

Duration: 18/04/2020 to 20/03/2021

Name: MR. Johannes Richerd

Country: Switzerland

Expertise: Electrical Engineer Completed job: launching Solar and other Electrical equipment monitoring by using PLC system for RESI campus, 3 Phase Connection establishment in RESI Campus, Conduct Practical training classes for RESI student and teachers on Electrical house wiring and PLC syestem

Duration: 28/03/2021 to 04/06/2021